Olivier salad

Olivier salad


150 grams
350 grams
Pickled cucumber
200 grams
Iodised salt
to taste
to taste
300 grams
Hen's egg
4 pieces
150 grams
Sweet peas
400 grams


  1. Cook meat ( or a tongue) until ready. It is also possible to make "Olivie" with a cooked sausage, but it has another taste.
  2. Boil potatoes and carrots in their skins, cool down and then peel.
  3. Make hard-boiled eggs (8-10 minutes) and pour cold water afterwards for eggs to cool down and peel easily.
  4. Cut ready meat or a tongue into small dice.
  5. Cut boiled vegetables, cucumbers and onions into the small pieces, same size as meat.
  6. Grate eggs finely and cut into the same dice.
  7. Drain the brine fron the can with green peas.
  8. Mix all the ingredients and add grean peas to the salad "Olivie".
  9. Season with mayonnaise ( ~150 g), toss together. Leave to rest. Garnish with herbs.

Author's comment

This bad boy is a three course meal in one bite, © Sasha Martin. Olivier salad, the most famous and beloved one in Russia, is easy to prepare, and it is always delicious. Traditionally, it is prepared with meat, but enterprising housewives simplified the recipe using cooked sausage. What to choose - meat or sausage - is a matter of taste and time availability. In any case, Olivier salad is delicious and nutritious!

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