Dressed herring


1 piece
2 pieces
2 pieces
4 pieces
Pickled cucumber
1-2 piece
Atlantic herring
2 pieces
150 grams
Hen's egg
4 pieces


  1. Boil carrots, beetroot, potatoes and eggs in different pans, cool and then peel. Chop onion and pickles very finely. Clean herring from skin, bones and fins. Chop fillet. Separate egg whites and yolks.
  2. Dressed herring is a salad made in layers. And we are going to put each layers of ingredients on each other. Take a wide salad plate and a grater. Grate ingredients in circles forming thin layers.
  3. Firstly spread half of the potatoes, then make a thing layer of onions, pickles and then herring. After it put a layer of grated carrots, beetroot and egg whites (2 pieces). Cover with a layer of mayonnaise.
  4. Then repeat the circle - potatoes, carrots, beetroot. Cover with mayonnaise. Wash the grater and make the last move. Grate whites of the eggs around the circle and yolks inside.
  5. it is advised to serve the salad no less than 12 hours after it was made.
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